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I Eurasian Congress of Rheumatology

I Eurasian Congress of Rheumatology
Almaty, 15-17th of May, 2012
General information

The Kazakhstan Rheumatologists Public Association and the Institute of Joint Diseases invite you to take part in the 1st Eurasian Congress of Rheumatology.    
The congress will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 15-17th of May 2012 in the building of the Kazakh State Drama Theatre named after M.O. Auyezov, located at 103 Abay prospekt.

The leading rheumatologists from the CIS and foreign countries are going to attend the congress.
Within the congress there will be arranged an exhibition related to modern achievements in the sphere of design and production of medicinal products and consumables.

Hosts of the Congress

• Ministry of health  Republic of Kazakhstan  
• The Institute of Joint Diseases, Almaty, Kazakhstan
• The Rheumatology Research Institute of Russian Academy of Medical Science (RAMS), Moscow, Russia
• The Russian Association of Rheumatologists
• The Central Asia Association of Rheumatologists
• The Kazakhstan Rheumatologists Public Association
Scientific Program
• Etiology and pathogenesis of rheumatic diseases
• Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
• Systemic lupus erythematosus
• systemic sclerosis
• systemic scleroderma
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• ankulosing spondylitis
• spondylosis
• Systemic vasculitis
• Psoriatic arthritis
• Rheumatic orthopedics
• Pediatric rheumatology
• Rehabilitation Medicine
Young scientists’ competition
The competition for young scientists will be held within a framework of the congress. The participants should not be older than 35 years of age and have innovative works in the sphere of rheumatology.
Assessment criteria are the following:
• Novelty aspect
• Timeliness
• Illustrative presentation
The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 206/b Gagarin prospect
The Kazakhstan Rheumatologists Public Association
The Institute of Joint Diseases
              Telephone: +7 (727) 246 53 58; 246 53 59
              Fax: +7 (727) 246 51 61
              E-mail: congress@joint.kz
Request for participation
To participate in the congress it is necessary to send a request to the following e-mail address: congress@joint.kz, and specify the last, first names and patronymic, the place of work or study, contact information.
Registration fee
The registration fee for the members of the Kazakhstan Rheumatologists Public Association is 5000 tg (five thousand tenge), for the forum participants it is 7500 tg (seven thousand five hundred tenge). Includes: delegate’s case, scientific program, congress proceedings (theses).
Publication of theses
All specialists, whose scientific-practical activity is in accordance to the congress subject, are able to publish theses of their works in the congress information package.
Requirements to the theses
The theses will be published in the «Eurasian Journal of Rheumatology» magazine.
All theses of the reports should be no more than one page (without the act of expert examination) and received by the Organizing Committee not later than 15th of March 2012.
A thesis can be written on Kazakh, Russian and English languages and prepared in MS Word, version 2.0 and higher. The symbols height should be 12 pt with 1.5 lines interval, Times New Roman font. The text of thesis should be taped by alignment on the left side without paragraphs and hyphenation.   
Page setting: A4 format; top, bottom, right and left margins – 2.5 cm; additional drafting (page numeration, header and footer) is not required.
The thesis should include: the content (headline) of the thesis, the text itself, references (author, name of the source, city, publishing house, imprint date). Contact information is necessary. The volume of a thesis should be no more than one page.
All abbreviations can be used after the full name of the term. The tables, graphs and illustrations are not required. The common number of symbols (without names of titles) should not be more than 2500 signs, including gaps.
Theses should be sent to the e-mail: congress@joint.kz in the form of attached doc or rtf files.
Congress secretariat  
The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 206/b Gagarin av.
The Kazakhstan Rheumatologists Public Association
The Institute of Joint Diseases
              Telephone: +7 (727) 246 53 58; 246 53 59
              Fax: +7 (727) 246 51 61
              E-mail: congress@joint.kz
Organizing committee
Kozhabekova Bibinur Nurakynovna, the executive secretary